New Album Out!!!

Our new album “Distracted By Adventures In Healthcare” is now in stores!! Have a listen:

There are a bunch of places you can buy it:

Deporter Records
Bull Moose
CD Baby

We will also have some on sale at the show tomorrow. We’ll be playing with Sylvia and Mindset X at Genos. Check out all the details on Facebook here. We hope you can all be there.


“Distracted By Adventures In Healthcare” will be released on July 8th!

We’re happy to tell you that our new album “Distracted By Adventures In Healthcare” will be available on CD and digitally on July 8th. Here’s the cover art and track listing:


1. Always Horny And Hungry For Steak
2. Whatsadrexl?
3. I Don’t Give A Fuck About Your Couch
4. 8:49p.m.
5. Manhattan
6. Spaceship 13, You Are Forbidden To Dock
7. Aunt Slappings
8. Storytime

The CD will include a multi-media section on the disc which includes pictures, lyrics, a video of our New Year’s Eve 2013 performance, and the bonus tracks “The Moth” and “Paranoid Surrender” which are available as free downloads on our bandcamp page right now!

We’ll be playing a CD release show on July 11th at Genos in Portland. More info to come!