Mark Belanger – Vocals/Guitar
Ed Porter – Bass/Vocals
Brian Chaloux – Drums

Hi, we’re Pigboat. We’re a band from Portland, Maine. We play loud rock music in small clubs in front of people that love us and occasionally get to play loud music in big clubs in front of people that look at us weird. We’ve got a great group of friends and fans that come to our shows and we’ve released a lot of music over the past 10+ years.

Our brand of hard-hitting drums, big tube amps, heavy riffs, catchy chord progressions, and feedback started in 2002 after the demise of Portland band Broken Clown. Mark and Ed used to play in that band and after the break up, Mark started playing with Chad Palardy, a Portland regular. New music was written. Fate stepped in when our mutual friend Eggbot asked both Mark and Ed to be part of his cavalcade of stars show at Free Street Tavern in Portland. The show went off greatly and Ed started playing with Mark on a regular basis again.

We released our first EP Nothing’s Ever Finished in June 2006. Chad had to leave the band in July ’06, and new drummer Brian was hired. The new lineup released our first full-length CD Float in April 2009 and a second, Distracted By Adventures in Healthcare, in 2014.

We’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with a number of national acts over the years, including Danko Jones, Karma To Burn, Scissorfight, and Gozu as well as local heroes like Twisted Roots, Ocean, Ogre, and Hessian. We love playing and do it as often as time and money allow.

Our musical influences are pretty obvious once you hear them, mixing the heavy riffs of Kyuss, The Melvins, and Black Sabbath with the attitude of Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Fugazi. We play music that is noisy and loud, but melodic and moody. Mark’s lyrics are often dark, dealing with topics of depression, drugs, and disillusionment…. but can also be silly and even funny. We always work to avoid any tacky ploys or glam, trying to create a sound that is diverse and imposing.